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Brentwood is located at Brgy. Mayhay, Pagbilao, Quezon.

The location of a real estate property plays a crucial role while selecting the one to spend one's hard earned savings on, especially, when the investor is looking forward to making the purchased property his/her residing place. If it's just an investment to make money in the life ahead then one doesn't really care much about the nearby commodities but in case the intention is varied then the location is an important deciding factor for the people. One looks for a number of essential settlements nearby for the convenience of his family. Brentwood is one such conveniently located a property that offers you almost all the necessary settlements extreme nearby.

Brentwood is located at one of the popular areas known as Brgy. Mayhay, Quezon. Reaching the location is an easy way out. One might avail the highway called the Maharlika from the Lucena City and take a left at Brgy. Bukal.

Some of the closely situated essentials are as follows:

1. Rural Bank - Location of a bank being extremely close to your residing place is of extreme importance and usage. You can get yourself an account in the same and all your necessary transactions and needs can be right next to your home within an easy reach. Even if you tend to forget some important transactions or bank submissions, not much harm would be caused as you can very well reach the bank within just a few minutes as the rural bank is just 1.2 kilometers away from Brentwood's location.

2. Enverga - A huge university located just at a distance of one and a half kilometers away is no less than a treat for all the college going youth residing in the nearby Brentwood units. A lot of their time is saved that can be invested elsewhere providing them with beneficial results in the long run. Hence, one can be sure of saving a lot of their time.

3. Lucena City - Having the city just at a distance of eight kilometers is also an advantage for the residents as one can enjoy the luxury and peace of living away from the bustling of the daily city life and the advantages that the city offers are also not too far to be reached. Rather one can enjoy a short drive admiring the open breeze while heading off to the city.

4. Iglesia Ni Kristo - The famous Christian church being just a kilometer away makes your prayer sessions more regular and convenient. There are so many days when one misses going to the church just because of lack of time and the troubles of reaching the distant locations. In such a scenario Brentwood stays supremely close to one of the most popular international churches where you may drop in as and when you feel like. No prior planning is necessary to have a word with the Almighty residing at Brentwood. You may visit the church almost daily owing to the close and convenient location.

Nearby Landmarks

  • Iglesia Ni Kristo – 1 KM
  • Rural Bank – 1.2 KM
  • Enverga – 1.5 KM
  • SM Lucena City – 8 KM
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