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Calmar Land : Brentwood For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Astana (Single Attached) ₱ 3,233,400 78 sqm
Bella (Single Attached) ₱ 2,293,800 68 sqm
Clara (Single Attached) ₱ 2,667,700 78 sqm
Fiona (Bungalow) ₱ 2,803,000 66 sqm
Geia (Bungalow) ₱ 2,536,700 58 sqm
Maureen (Bungalow) ₱ 1,817,700 40 sqm
Ysabelle ₱ 2,182,500 55 sqm


Why Should You Invest In Brentwood?

Expect Huge Resale Value

Being located near Pagbilao Coal Power Plant (PCPP) Brentwood units are to have a giant resale value in the upcoming future. This coal power plant is said to be one of the largest amongst an entire lot of the country. This indeed increases the value of the property to quite an extent making it a good purchase in case one looks for a long term investment. Along with this additional advantage the property in itself a gem as it imparts all the necessary facilities and essentials that one can name or ask for.

A Property Full Of Essentials

The skillful designing and the concrete construction are just the starting points to be counted followed by the unending list of amenities such as a giant pavilion for the luxurious living of the residents, well-guarded entry and exit points to keep the property safe and secure, spacious and concretely constructed roads and sidewalks, secure perimeter fencing to keep the property safe, exceptionally designed water distribution system along with a well maintained drainage system. And the list of beneficial amenities seems to never end at Brentwood.

Calmar Land -A Name To Trust

The well-known and renowned builders in the industry that have years’ long experience and expertise are to be trusted with their one of the unique build-ups ever. Having a record of imparting homes next to perfection to millions of happy customers Calmar Land is a name worth vesting trust and money.

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